Germinare was born on January 2nd 2002, an enterprise 100% Mexican located in San Nicolás de los Garza, Nuevo León, México.

It has over 17 years of experience in the product items for the field, in the plant nutrition area, specialized in the handling of amino acids, which enables it to stand out in the plant stress treatment



Generate value to the farmer detecting critic stress periods in its crops that limits its productivity by proposing specific programs for the stress handling with quality and speed of response that allows them to obtain the maximum utilization and sustainability of its business. 



Be the best alternative, comprehensive and differentiated in the handling of plant stress with innovative products and technical equipment of high-performance


Equipo Germinare

- Continuous improvement, never be satisfied, always improve ourselves.
- Excellence in the products.
- The people are the heart of the enterprise, treat them well, expect a lot of them and the rest will come naturally.
- Utilities must come from a work that benefits the farmer.
- Technique contribution in the fields that we are involved in with the best product and the best performance.
- Utilities and growth as a way to make possible all the values and objectives.
- Germinare´s products benefit our clients in a particular way and society in a general way. 

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