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Anticipate threats and/or stress levels, whether biotic or abiotic, before symptoms appear.


What is Innovare?

It is a diagnostic system that, by sampling your crops, allows you to obtain detailed information in a matter of minutes, providing you with a comprehensive analysis that will help you make better decisions and obtain greater performance without the need to resort to more than one specialist.

What does Innovare SBG analyze?

By taking samples of your crop and through a scientifically proven system, we analyze Chemical, Physical and Biological factors of the Soil, and Plant Health and Stress to generate a diagnostic report with recommendations that reflect which areas present deficiencies, thus being able to anticipate any problem that could become a threat to your crop.

Diagnostic process


A sample from your
crop is taken


Data is entered into
the system


The system gives the
personalized diagnosis


Report and recommendations
are generated


Real benefits to your crops
are generated


Innovare SBG allows you to improve your response times to threats and optimize your resources, as it can measure the level of susceptibility to disease, insect attack and abiotic stress before the symptoms appear. We innovate by measuring the level of vulnerability in plants that are apparently healthy. By preventing, you are more likely to avoid more complex or irreversible situations.

Field service

Our specialists work with samples of your crop, since the analysis and diagnosis are conducted in the field where your product is developed, which allows us to know your crop in detail.

Technology and innovation

System focused on controlling the stress level of the plant through a technological tool, responding to the trend to include innovation in the cultivation processes for better results.


The analysis that we carry out allows us to identify possible threats and gives you the possibility of preventing them, anticipating the problem in order to solve it before it shows by using your resources better.

Time optimization

We provide you with a comprehensive analysis and diagnosis of your crops in a matter of minutes. Its result gives you the opportunity to anticipate threats in order to solve them even before your crop shows symptoms.

Specialized consultancy

Personalized attention from our advisors who, based on the result, will give you a recommendation on what specific product you need for the well-being of
your crop.

Comprehensive service

We provide you with a diagnosis by analyzing the vulnerability of your crops, considering the Chemical, Physical and Biological Balance of the Soil, and Plant Health and Stress, all in the same service.

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